IHTEF is Organised by Sustainable Eco6tem with support from reputable organizations and individuals. IHTEF is not government funded. The vision of IHTEF is continue to help in growing national and global champions in the sector by proving this ‘platform of minds’ where very rich faculty blends with inspired knowledge transfer, technology and innovation.

Should you be interested in partnering with IHTEF, we offer interesting sponsorship opportunity for your organization. Given the huge media exposure this project will attract before, during and after the duration of the conference including the steady traffic that will be created on all social media platforms, offline media as well as the caliber of dignitaries (including Policy Makers, Hotel Chains, Influential Government Officials, Environmentalists, Investors, Development Organizations, Green Enthusiasts, etc.) expected to participate, IHTEF provides a strategic platform for sponsorship.

For more information on Sponsorship and General Enquiries Call- +234 (803) 0842207