IHTEF Africa

IHTEF is not just a ‘conference’, it is a knowledge platform for deeply insightful and excellent minds bringing together, Thought Leaders, Visionaries, International Tourism Experts, Investors, Governments, Hotel Owners, Hotel Workers, etc such that will help in driving excellence and achieving sustainability in the sector. IHTEF is a new approach to managing growth; building up life time careers paths for workers in the industry, in addition to helping participants cast visions on how to fully achieve their expectations in the hospitality and tourism sector. IHTEF is a hospitality marketplace for stakeholders from diverse platforms to connect, to excel and to grow national economies through the development of the sector.

IHTEF is committed to laying the ‘knowledge’ infrastructure for a post oil economy via tourism- exploring the rich storylines of the Nigeria’s hospitality, cultures and costumes - its uncommon biodiversity and rich ecosystem will be a sure strategy that guarantees gainful employment, wealth creation, fuller lives, enrich community’s affluence (village tourism), attract FDI, and above all secures peace and projects an unusual sense of community. IHTEF is a transaction ground for an intentional future built on hospitality and tourism in Nigeria and beyond.


The core objective is to build advocacy for excellence in the hospitality and tourism industry, build up superior local and international investments in the emerging green economy as well as catalyze sustainable prosperity & employment in Nigeria.

  • The Forum discusses and analyzes the growing importance of Hospitality and Tourism in Sub-regional economies across Africa.
  • Harness means of building up foreign investment portfolio to boost the tourism sector in Africa for development and peace;
  • Link Hospitality and Tourism Development to Urban Renewal and Sustainability of diverse Ecosystems;
  • Seek out innovative ways (especially using technology, big data, etc) of supporting rural tourism marketing and promotion, including regional and International tourism exchange.
  • Promote best practices in hospitality management, marketing and revenue growth.
  • The Forum will emerge as a credible platform to champion issues of environment protection, preservation, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation- and fuller lives via tourism and hospitality. Also build Sustainable Communities across Africa via Green Tourism Models
  • Link service providers to consumers and vice versa.


  • The International Hospitality, Tourism & Eco-Sustainability Conference will be focusing on the opportunities for prosperity, peace and eco-sustainability through Hospitality & Tourism in Nigeria.
  • For the first 5 years, IHTEF is focusing on developing hospitality Excellence in Nigeria through Training, Manpower Development and Investor Relationships.
  • Develop, promote and grow strategic leadership and management that supports the ‘Culture of Excellence’ within the industry.
  • Lead a guaranteed future for industry especially businesses that genuinely pursue low-carbon and environmental sustainability.
  • Given the peculiarity of the Niger Delta and its rich eco-tourism potentials, IHTEF will provide special focus on the region’s (South and East Region of Nigeria) hospitality in order to help it grow its he potentials of workforce, develop service excellence and by that attract quality investments that will lead to meaningful employments and maximum return to the owners

IHTEF FRAMING (Four Key Strategic Areas)-

  • Advocacy
  • Sustainable Consumption
  • Innovation in Tourism
  • Sustainable Hospitality, Employment/Workforce Development and Maximum Revenue Growth
  • Peace and Development through Tourism.

2019 THEME: “Beyond 2020: Hospitality Innovation, Service and Growth.

This theme offers a unique opportunity to influence positive growth in the industry, catalyze excellence, and reposition it for maximum revenue for investors and owners via innovative pathways, service excellence and uncommon human capital.


The Conference is put together to attract stakeholders in the Hotel Industry Sector, African Tourism Icons and Influencers, International Hotel Chains, Continental Brands Out of Africa, State Governments, MDAs, Environment and Tourism Commissioners, Tourism Boards/Bureau, SDG Advisers to Governments, Delegates from African Countries, Airlines, Oil & Gas Companies, Green Economy Enthusiasts, Hotel Workers, Managers, Young Entrepreneurs, Students, etc.


IHTEF is home grown idea with the intention of creating a world-class hospitality industry that meets the need of the guests and fulfils the objective of investors, the workforce and other critical actors. IHTEF recognizes the pool of opportunities that exist in the industry, it has also identified the growing human capital, technical and infrastructure needs that need improvement and professionalism.
  • There is a huge excellence gap in training and manpower development in the hospitality industry in Africa. Workforce excellence, manpower development and trainings for the industry managers have mostly been situated in the highbrow areas and cities like Lagos, Abuja, Nairobi, Accra, etc. however, rapid investment and development into perceived under-developed economies with more local content calls for urgent attention.
  • Over 95% of the hotels (rated or unrated) in Nigeria are locally owned as against few that are branded or wholly owned by foreign brands. The entry of international brands into Nigeria and with the gradual expansion of these brands (Marriot, Golden Tulip, Swiss Hotels, Bon Hotel, Bestwestern, Continent Worldwide, etc.) into the Southern states seem to be energising growing confidence in the sector.
  • However, that brings to question the quality of local content manpower development. There is a burden of concern on the quality of service offered by a foreign management compared to that of local management of the hotels.
  • IHTEF Africa’s local content focus will be channeled towards Innovation/Technology, Training/Manpower Development, Service Excellence, Hotel Investments, Revenue Management, Big Data, Fixtures, Equipment Manufacture and Lease.